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Names: Female Given Names

Men of various ages

Popular Male Given Names in Italy

Rank Name Meaning
1 Giuseppe "God increases"
2 Giovanni "God is gracious"
3 Antonio praiseworthy
4 Francesco French man; free man
5 Luigi famous warrior
6 Mario dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
7 Salvatore savior
8 Vincenzo to conquer
9 Roberto bright fame
10 Paolo small, humble
11 Marco dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
12 Angelo messenger of God
13 Domenico of the Lord
14 Pietro rock
15 Michele "Who is like God?"
16 Franco from France
17 Alessandro defender of man
18 Carlo free man
19 Stefano crown
20 Massimo greatest
21 Nicola victory of the people
22 Giorgio farmer
23 Bruno brown-haired
24 Maurizio dark-skinned
25 Luciano light
26 Alberto noble, bright
27 Luca light; man from Lucania (in modern-day southern Italy)
28 Pasquale Easter
29 Mauro dark-skinned
30 Sergio servant
31 Fabio bean grower
32 Claudio lame
33 Enrico home ruler
34 Antonino praiseworthy
35 Raffaele "God has healed"
36 Giancarlo "God is gracious" + free man
37 Simone to listen
38 Daniele "God is my judge"
39 Vittorio victory
40 Aldo old one
41 Lorenzo from Laurentum (ancient Roman city)
42 Renato born again
43 Gaetano from Caieta (city in Italy)
44 Fabrizio craftsman
45 Davide beloved
46 Gianfranco "God is gracious" + from France
47 Vito life
48 Riccardo powerful ruler
49 Matteo gift of God
50 Giacomo supplanter