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Travel Essentials: Tipping


Tips are not compulsory in Italy. When people do choose to tip, practices vary by individual preference, by type of establishment, and by region—Venice, for example, has distinct tipping customs. That said, you will often find that restaurants include service charges in their bills. No tip above this amount is expected, but you may offer tips for exceptional service. In this case, the tip may vary a euro or two left on the table, to a tip of 10 percent. It is preferred to leave your tip in cash, even if you are paying by credit card. 

Tips are accepted in euros (€), the local currency. 

Tipping Guide

Setting Gratuities
Transportation Often, taxi drivers do not receive tips. However, for exceptional service, tip €1 or €2.

Tip porters €1 per bag. 

Leave a small tip for housekeeping staff.

Restaurants, Bars, Cafés Service charges of up to 20 percent may be included in restaurant bills. Tips above this amount are not expected. However, for exceptional service, you may offer up to an additional 10 percent as a tip in cash to your waiter or waitress.
Personal Services

Barbers are not tipped, and neither are stylists, but in some salons the person who washes hair receives a small tip.

Attendants for public restrooms receive up to €1 per person. 


Terms for Payment and Tipping

Italian is the official and predominant language, though visitors may encounter small regions where residents speak German, French, or Slovene. Some people speak English, as well.

English Italian Phonetic Pronunciation
The bill, please. Il conto, per favore. eel KON-toh, per fah-VOH-reh.
How much is this? Quanto costa questo? KWAHN-toh KOH-stah KWEH-stoh?
Is service included? È incluso il servizio? eh een-KLOO-soh eel sehr-VEE-tsyoh?
Money Denaro deh-NAH-roh
Please Per favore Pehr fah-VOH-reh
Thank you Grazie GRAH-tsee-eh
No No Noh


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